Language and Copywriting

Technical publications produced in French by our Company have been used for many years in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South-East Asia and North America. Our Spanish material has been used in North and South America.


When producing Spanish courses, the language is adapted to the target country, rather than to an International Standard, due to the important differences between European and South American variants.


Bilingual Productions supplies translations which are true to the original, technically accurate, easy to follow and pedagogically as good as the original.


Bilingual Productions translates technical training material, by adapting the English original to the technical language of the target industry.


When timing is involved, such as for video presentations, translated scripts are edited to fit while preserving the integrity of the original message.


Voice over narrations are recorded by selected talents working in their own regional languages, be it French for Quebec, France or other Francophone countries, or Spanish for Mexico, South America or other Spanish speaking countries.

Terminology Databases

Over the years, Bilingual Productions Ltd has compiled comprehensive terminology Databases, using existing glossaries, previous translations as appropriate, French and Spanish language trade publications etc.

Databases are the primary reference for all translations and are updated, as required.


Final deliverables can be supplied as a finished product for distribution, such as printed Manuals, Video Tapes, CD's or DVD's and Web-ready pages, or can be prepared for processing by others. Bilingual Productions oversees the recording of voice-over scripts, as well as the creation of screen graphics.

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